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Digital Marketing & Advertising Strategy

We believe strategy is the foundation of a marketing campaign and digital is the solid bricks part of the marketing mix. Beyond just execution and development, Social Stand tailors and formulates digital marketing strategies for your brands, your businesses and your campaigns, to make it a vital element of your integrated marketing campaign.

Social Media Community Management

Social media is about engagement, not media-buy. Social Stand performs creative communication, conversation, content planning for your brands in social media, to help your brands engage with the targeted communities. We are experienced in some of the hottest platforms, including: Facebook Fans Page, Instagram and Sina Weibo official accounts.

Digital Marketing Campaign

With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Social Stand is proficient in creating digital campaigns that fit just right with you marketing plan, to encourage audience to engage with your brands, businesses and products.

Mobile Marketing Campaign & App

Time spent on mobile devices is growing rapidly, to say the least. Mobile responsive websites and iPhone/ Android native apps are definitely an essential part of the marketing elements. Social Stand not only delivers mobile solution, but also suggests a mobile-first strategy for coming plans.

Blogger,KOL Event & Engagement

Social Stand is experienced in involving social media influencers, key opinion leadersand bloggers' participation, to generate viral and engaging content among the community to deliver the brand message.

IM, WeChat, Line Official Account Management

Social Stand creates and operates Instant Messenger (IM) official accounts, the one-to-one marketing communication channel, for your brands to deliver messages and campaigns to your VIP community.
Digital Buzz

Facebook 用360 度照片說故事

Facebook 作為 Social Media 界的領導者之一,當然希望透過不到的功能玩意,令用戶繼續每天 Facebook 一下。因此繼之前支援 360 影片,Facebook 即將加入支援 360 照片的功能。

Instagram 有商戶功能的品牌專頁即將上場

Instagram 的個人帳戶及網上商店大熱,現時各大品牌帳戶也越來越多。最近Instagram 就預告會推出像Facebook的品牌專頁 。
暫時功能只開放予特定用戶作測試, 從外國網站的截圖看, 介面跟個人帳戶分別並不大。主要在 在「Following」 旁邊加入了「Contact」按鍵,當按下時就會出現「Get Directions」及「Email」兩個選項。

絕世好Post「呃like」大生意 – 東方日報 財經版專訪

「做社交媒體,自己就要享受活喺社交媒體嘅世界入面!如果唔係,要為工作而被迫追趕新資訊、緊貼新潮流,就會好痛苦。」Bernie Wong, Social Stand Limited

Facebook Page Newsfeed 改版, Page 監察功能加強!

隨著一年前Facebook事先公布的用戶Newsfeed改版陸續推出, Facebook Page亦隨之改版! Facebook公布 Facebook Page Newsfeed Post內容將由兩列改為一列顯示於右方, 左方則是Page的基本資訊。

Facebook Advertorial 的正式來臨! [Facebook Paper]

Facebook Paper 在美國上架, 耳目一新的瀏覽Facebook方法讓不少用戶讚好, 不過真正革新的不單是介面, 其實Facebook Paper 一改Facebook Newsfeed按時間順序(加上EdgeRank)瀏覽內容的邏輯, 改成按主題看故事 (Story)。所以品牌在策劃推廣時, 除了關心如何買Ad配合, 更應策劃”如何”, “何時”帶出”甚麼”的主題故事…