On 18 December 2019, Instagram allowed select creators on Instagram to have access to the Brand Collabs Manager. It opens the opportunity to connect with brands and get shared insights.

Source: Facebook & Instagram

Creators or influencers can find brands that align with their objectives. Through the Brand Collabs Manager, creators can make deals with brands, manage brand partnerships, and share insights with brands. Brands can also see insights when they’re tagged in any branded content on both Brand Collabs Manager and Instagram.

Instagram hopes to maintain its transparency policies. By doing so, Instagram aims to make branded content for products like tobacco, alcohol, weapons, and diet supplements. Facebook’s advertising policies ban vaping, tobacco, and weapons from being advertised.

Meanwhile, goods like alcohol and diet supplements will have a separate advertising policy, which would also have some restrictions.

Implications for Brands

HK Brands can observe the impact of how brand collabs manager can reinforce partnerships with key opinion leaders.