Are Instagram Shoppable Posts fitting for your brand? Here is how you can find out…

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Instagram has been rolling out new updates to walk toe to toe with Facebook. Some of these recent features have been:

  • Availability of Instagram Stories on Desktop
  • Ability to Share Instagram stories to Facebook
  • Availability of Polls in Instagram Stories
  • Introduction of Stories Highlights and Archives

This brings the following question in the minds of the advertisers- How will these changes impact the advertising success on the platform?

Instagram Shopping Ads- What are they?

Facebook Ads Manager allows users to place ads with the ‘Shop Now’ button. This takes users to the product page. However, in order to get details about the products, users have to leave Instagram. Many times, the ads don’t have enough pull to make users leave the platform and go to product details.

To solve this, Instagram made changes to its ads management. Now users can get more details about the product like its price without even leaving the platform. If users like the product, they can click through to visit the brand’s website.

Further, with a partnership with Shopify, a new feature has been added that will give so much more to the brands. If a business has nine or more shoppable posts on its Instagram, the brand can have its own ‘Shop’ tab on Instagram. This will allow users to view all the available brand products at once.

Once the Instagram channel is installed and store is approved, the shopping feature can be enabled in the Business Settings in Instagram.

Instagram’s shoppable ads are expanded outside the US as well. They are available in eight more countries, namely- France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, the U.K. and Spain. It can be expected that these features would be rolled out globally soon.

Therefore, brands everywhere have good news to celebrate. The Instagram changes are only going to make their business a success.

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