To Ease Using Stories, Facebook Releases 3 New Features

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Facebook revealed the introduction of three new features to Facebook Stories. These features would initially start in India and then be released globally short after. Firstly, the photos and videos that are captured by Facebook Camera would have the ability to be saved on Facebook accounts. This will help those with limited device space as they wouldn’t have to delete the content from their devices. Further, these photos as well as videos can be edited and shared at a later time. Therefore, people now don’t have to focus their attention at the same time to prepare them for posting. Also, Facebook users will have the option to share voice posts to their stories by enabling the audio option in Facebook camera. Lastly, Facebook is testing an archive that can enable users to save their stories. People who share stories put a lot of effort in enhancing them, by using filters and stickers. Therefore, this archive can help them to save good quality content for later use. Connor Hayes, Director of Product Management for Facebook, told TechCrunch, “Saving photos and videos can be used to save what you might want to post later, so you don’t have to edit or post … Read More