Facebook Ads Manager Gets Lots of new Features

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Facebook revealed several new updates that will bring new features to its Ads manager, focusing on efficiency, education, and optimization.

The most popular social media platform will release an updated version of its Ads Reporting in April. The Ads Reporting will include a feature which will allow admins to drag and drop metrics like age, gender, and placement. Further, admins can also customize the reports that they see.

The structures of the brands’ campaigns will be added to the side editing panel. This will allow the whole campaign to be edited from a single place. Further, users can view, navigate, and access actions like duplicating or deleting campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

Facebook will also provide updates about new features every month in its Advertisers Help Center. Three blueprint learning e courses on the help center have been updated already. These are: Get Started With Facebook Ads, Manage Ads and Measure Ad Performance.

A new feature called creative reporting was launched as well. In creative unit, each line in the reporting table represents one creative unit, be it headline, text, call to action, image, video, etc.

The last feature involves split testing. Split testing has been integrated into commonly used workflows. This will enable users to test different versions of the ads. They can also determine the lowest cost per result relative to their campaign objective.

Pertaining to the new updates, Facebook said, “Earlier this year, we finished rolling out the updated Ads Manager to all advertisers globally and made hundreds of improvements, from labeling all columns to making it easier to edit in bulk. We’re committed to making Ads Manager easy to use and effective at providing the information you care most about.”

It further added, “Over the next year, we will continue to invest in improving the creation, management and reporting experiences. To do this, we’re focusing on efficiency, so you can spend your time on strategy instead of creation, management and reporting tasks; education, so you can better understand our products and stay up to date on what’s new; and insights, to help you optimize your campaigns and improve ad performance.”

Source: Facebook: https://goo.gl/mJKSkW

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