New Customization Option added to Facebook Messenger Platform 2.4’s Customer Chat Plugin

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Facebook has announced the release of Messenger Platform 2.4. The new update highlights the addition of new customization option for customer chat plugin. The developer advocate for messenger platform, Alex Muramoto, shared details about the new update in a blog post.

Since developers were asking for more customization options for its customer chat plugin, Facebook has added a Customer Chat Software development kit. This is in addition to its JavaScript SDK. It will enable developers to:

  • Control when the plugin appears and when it is hidden, allowing developers to show it in the most appropriate point of user flow in their applications.
  • Control the appearance of welcome dialog as well as when it is hidden.
  • Modify the greeting text dynamically. Add personalization for users or better integrate it into pages on their sites where the Customer Chat Plugin is opened.
  • Setting the ‘ref’ programmatically. ‘Ref’ is passed during webhook events in order to pass usage details in a better way. This happens in cases like where the user is in the flow when the user opted in via the plugin.

Further, broadcast API was also tweaked a little bit. Broadcast API helps the developers in sending non-promotional message to all users or segmented groups with a single API call and the handover protocol, the Send to Messenger Plugin and Messenger Insights.

With the added customizations, brands can drive their passive audience in the direction they want. This will enable them to improve their customer experience and thereby turning more users into active customers. In the highly competitive marketplace, better customer experience means everything.

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