Good News for Auto Dealers, Facebook Rolls Out Dynamic Ads for Lead Generation

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Facebook started up special privileges for auto developers when it introduced dynamic ads and lead ads for auto dealers last year. This year, the social network took a step further by combining the two features.

In a business post by Facebook, it revealed that dynamic ads for lead generation are now available. This feature will allow the auto dealers to merge their vehicle catalogs and lead generation forms to be filled out by potential car buyers.

Once the forms are filled, leads can be sent directly to CRM systems. Then the local sales representatives can follow up on them.

Facebook said, “Dynamic ads for lead generation help businesses connect with potential customers with more relevant ad content and more personalized shopping journeys. Dealers can use dynamic ads for lead generation to create locally relevant ads. By highlighting inventory in stock and enabling people to sign up for a test drive directly on the form, you can improve the quality of your leads by bringing shoppers who are interested in your local offerings closer to a sale.”

Talking about businesses that have benefitted from these features, Facebook added, “Camping World, a recreational vehicle retailer, used dynamic ads for lead generation to create a relevant ad experience and reduce the cost of leads. The RV retailer continually updated its product feed to ensure the ads featured only inventory it had in stock. The call to action sent people to a pre-populated lead form and the leads were then routed to the appropriate dealership based on stock inventory. Camping World’s campaign resulted in a 3X return on ad spend.”

Therefore, this new feature is going to drive the business in the automotive sector. The ability to create locally relevant advertisements is a very good feature that Hong Kong auto dealers can benefit from.


Image credit: Facebook