Instagram gives the option to convert posts in their feed to their stories

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Instagram has given a new and convenient feature to its users. Users can now add posts in their feeds to their stories in form of stickers.

The popular social media platform owned by Facebook has been testing the feature since February. This feature is limited to posts that are shared by public accounts. Posts in feed that are shared by private accounts would not be convertible to stories.

Further, users will have the ability to allow their uploaded posts to be shared as stories or not. If they wish, they can prevent their posts to be created into stories.

To use this feature, a user can click on the airplane icon at the bottom of the post. The option to convert it into their story will be visible there. Tapping on this option will convert the feed post into a sticker with customized background. This sticker can be rotated, scaled, and moved. There are other styles available to customize this sticker as well.

Once the stickers are customized as per user preference, they can be shared to stories. These stickers will display the name of the user who originally shared the post. Tapping on the sticker can take the user to the original post.

This feature will be of great help to marketers. Brands can create call to action on their social media pages that asks users to set the sticker as their story. This will lead to huge growth in popularity of brands on the platform.

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